Embracing Human

Trust and Surrender: Lessons & Stories

April 19, 2022 Taryn Raine Season 4 Episode 25
Embracing Human
Trust and Surrender: Lessons & Stories
Show Notes

I openly joke about my tendency to "lay things down at God/Universe's feet... only to pick it back up again." Do you relate to this?

Over the last five years, I've focused so much energy on building faith in myself and trusting my own mind, abilities, and humanness. In the process, I pulled further away from believing in anything else.

Trust the Universe? Nope, I'll just work harder and do more, thank you.

And that's no longer working for me. So this year, I'm focusing my word of the year and intention on TRUST, and surrendering to the process is a big part of that. For today's episode, I invited some friends to share their stories of trust and surrender to be inspiring to all of us.

Today's episode includes:

Calling in some rebel women for the fourth season of my signature Free to Rebel program. This 8-week group coaching program is for you to fully relax, create time and energy for the things you love, and feel confident enough to say “no” to everything else. We clear out the patterns of fear, stress, and anxiety so you can enjoy the shit outta your life!

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