Embracing Human

The Loneliness (and Joys) of Being Single

November 07, 2022 Taryn Raine Season 5 Episode 7
Embracing Human
The Loneliness (and Joys) of Being Single
Show Notes

Being single can be a lonely and sad experience... but also one filled with so much joy and freedom. Sometimes, having both extreme emotions about it within a single day (or five minutes).

In this episode, I reflect on some of the things I learned in different experiences of loneliness, both in and out of relationships. I find it so important to recognize that you aren't alone in whatever feelings you might be having.

Here are some of the ways I cope with loneliness:

  • I allow myself to fully feel the emotions that come up
  • I removed romantic relationships from a pedestal and began valuing the other relationships in my life
  • I invested time in new hobbies and creative outlets
  • I lean on others and ask for help

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