Embracing Human

Dating and Intimacy with Self Belief Upgrade

February 14, 2023 Taryn Raine Season 5 Episode 17
Embracing Human
Dating and Intimacy with Self Belief Upgrade
Show Notes

In honor of Valentine's Day, I'm sharing some of the big lessons I've learned in the last decade of dating, including all the ways I used to get it wrong.

As an anxious attachment type, I would do crazy things while dating - putting on lots of masks, over-giving with serious mom energy, and clinging to those I slept with. It wasn't pretty, but the worst part was my lack of communication and awareness of my own needs and desires while dating.

Now, after years of working on my anxiety and self-doubt, I have learned how to show up very differently in relationships. This includes:

  • Always being myself and not stressing if they like me or not
  • Knowing what I want and how to ask for it
  • Clear communication, especially with intimacy

I'm sure I missed a handful of things I'm learning, but these seem to be the most useful that have profoundly changed how I feel about dating and romance.

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