Embracing Human

S2 E21 - How to Make Decisions as an Overthinker

September 15, 2020 Season 2 Episode 21
Embracing Human
S2 E21 - How to Make Decisions as an Overthinker
Show Notes

Do you find yourself struggling to make a decision? Anxious you'll make the wrong choice and end up feeling stuck? Trust me, I get it.

There is a lot of fear around making the wrong choice which tends to come from the fear around wasting time or money. This keeps us in indecision which leads to even more anxiety and overthinking.

In this episode, I share personal stories where I put into practice my decisions making tools and the thought process behind it. 

Tune in to learn my 4 tips on how to make decisions as an overthinker:

  1. Using the first choice method
  2. Including support from others 
  3. Viewing decision making like a muscle
  4. Leveraging your core values

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