Embracing Human

S3 E4 - Show Up With Ownership For Your Life w/ Callum Hardingham

February 09, 2021 Taryn Raine Season 3 Episode 4
Embracing Human
S3 E4 - Show Up With Ownership For Your Life w/ Callum Hardingham
Show Notes

What is your relationship with ownership in your life? Are you aware of how much you can influence what happens next? 

We dive into some powerful ideas, mindset shifts and ways to become a true leader in your own life, and that of others.

Callum is a Leadership & Mindset Coach, here to equip you with your most powerful self-leadership tools. If you want to radically evolve your career and let your passions, gifts, and sense of purpose come to life, you're in the right place. Get ready to ignite your confidence, clarity, and courage to live boldly in alignment with your soul.  

Callum's mission is to empower others to create a life that switches the light on behind their eyes and stokes a fire in their belly, leaving you feeling fulfilled each and every day!

We chat about:

  • Looking at our relationship with ownership in our lives
  • Mindset shifts necessary to become a leader of our own lives and for others
  • Trusting in the unknown and having faith to release the time-line
  • Releasing false beliefs around permanence and perfection
  • Showing up for whatever life brings our way

You can follow Callum's journey and wonderful leadership coaching by following him on Instagram @callumhardingham, or at www.callumhardingham.com.

If you're interested in becoming a powerful coach, you can find out more about Callum's 6 month, internationally recognised coaching academy at www.innerleadershipacademy.com

Keep up with my travel and adventures @theremoteyogi and find tons of free resources on how to live with more confidence at theremoteyogi.blog.

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