Embracing Human

Reclaiming Pleasure & Desire w/ Kelley Bode

March 30, 2021 Taryn Raine Season 3 Episode 11
Embracing Human
Reclaiming Pleasure & Desire w/ Kelley Bode
Show Notes

Are you ready to reclaim PLEASURE and DESIRE? 

So often these words bring up resistance, especially for women. We've been taught they are 'bad' or 'wrong'. And even if we haven't sometimes it's hard to fully step into them. 

Thankfully, we have our very own pleasure witch, Kelley Bode, here to talk us through all things pleasure!

In today's episode we discuss:

  • How to reclaim, and stand firm in our desires
  • Feeling the full expression of our emotions and why the hard times are inextricably linked to pleasure
  • Unlearning and releasing shame
  • The irony of selfishness
  • Exercises for tapping into our desires and discovering what they really are
  • Developing intuition and tuning into the messages of our body
  • Becoming PRESENT to PLEASURE
  • How to call more pleasure into our lives, unapologetically!

Kelley Bode is an intimacy and sex coach based in Bali. She works with women, helping them to tune into their bodies, turn on their relationships, and upgrade their sex lives.

She does both group and 1:1 coaching. She is also a podcast host on her show called The Best You’ve Ever Had.

Join her on Instagram by following @Kelleymbode or check out her Facebook page here.

For more information on coaching, check out my new program Empress or reach out to me on Instagram @theremoteyogi to connect about what I have coming up.

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