Embracing Human

How to Work with Goddess Energy & Archetypes

April 06, 2021 Taryn Raine Season 3 Episode 12
Embracing Human
How to Work with Goddess Energy & Archetypes
Show Notes

By now, it feels like everyone is talking about goddess embodiment and feminine archetypes. Are you curious about what that even means?

In my years of spiritual and personal development, I've found many different tools and modalities to help me connect with the greater parts of myself. Goddess work has been a big part of that and something I use to help my clients embody more confidence, self belief, and inner power.

Goddesses and archetypes offer stories and characteristics that we can look to as a guide to what we desire in our own life. We can look to a goddess of love to embody her receiving and open nature. Or you can learn more about a fierce, bold goddess whose story helps you to find more strength within yourself.

In this episode, I'll share:

  • My own journey to goddess work and how I continue to work with them
  • A new understanding of what it means to be feminine in a multi-dimensional setting
  • How you can work with these archetypes for your own growth
  • Making goddess work easy, relatable, and fun

I work with feminine archetypes in my current 1-1 program, Empress. You are here to be FREE, to get clear on what you want and say “YES” to your happiness and power. Learn more about the Empress program here or message me at @theremoteyogi on Instagram.

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