Embracing Human

Landing Your Dream Job w / Kelly Barnard

April 27, 2021 Taryn Raine Season 3 Episode 15
Embracing Human
Landing Your Dream Job w / Kelly Barnard
Show Notes

Research shows women have to see themselves in 100% of the requirements to apply for a job, whereas men will see themselves in only 50% and apply.

That's the sad reality on paper. Women count themselves out of the job race before it's even begun. Let alone believe in themselves enough to land their dream job. 

Kelly Barnard is doing incredible work to change that.

In today's episode Kelly dives deep into practical advice around job searching and the mindset shifts required to get that dream job.

We discuss:

  • How to play big and bold and get creative in a job search to really stand out
  • The worst interview questions designed to trip you up and how to prepare excellently for them - not like everyone else
  • What hiring managers are looking for and how to give them a reason to say YES
  • The importance of creating a personal brand in your career realm
  • Marketing yourself in a career / job role and overcoming insecurities
  • Dealing with overwhelm throughout the process
  • Moving away from scarcity mindset and saying NO to jobs you know you don't want but apply for out of fear or insecurity
  • TRUSTING in the process
  • Imposter Syndrome - how everyone feels it and how to work around it
  • How comparison plays out massively in the professional world, and does not serve us

and so much more!

Meet Kelly

While marketing LinkedIn and working remotely around the world for two years, Kelly met countless professionals who were unhappy in their jobs and selling themselves short on paper.

She realized almost everyone, especially women, dreaded writing/talking about themselves and were unintentionally limiting their success and happiness. In 2018, after 16 years of building brands at award-winning agencies, Kelly purposely transitioned to a Personal Brand Consultant + Career Coach. She specializes in everything related to a job search.

Kelly collaborates with clients to share their professional stories in Resumes, LinkedIn Profiles, and Cover Letters. And she supports women who are feeling burned out or stuck in their current jobs, find new roles they love with more balance, inspiration, and money.

Kelly currently lives in Portland, OR with her fiancé. She’s a recovering perfectionist, an INFJ, an Enneagram 3, and a Projector. She loves to travel (50 countries and counting), spinning, and all things Brené Brown.

You can find out more about her amazing work at thecareercanvas.com. Follow her Instagram at @career.canvas.