Embracing Human

Healing from Toxic Relationships w/ Danielle Ingenito

May 25, 2021 Taryn Raine Season 3 Episode 19
Embracing Human
Healing from Toxic Relationships w/ Danielle Ingenito
Show Notes

Ladies, how many of you have found yourself broken and burnt out from a toxic relationship?  

The path to healing from toxic relationships can be long and hard to do it alone, there is so much to navigate, but thankfully we have today's wonderful guest Danielle Ingenito share her expertise and guidance to recovery.

We talk all things:

  • What a toxic relationship actually is; how to define and recognise it
  • How to heal from a toxic relationship - an incredible 5 step process
  • Why energy healing is Danielle's choice and so important as a healing modality
  • The difference between KNOWING and FEELING 
  • Looking into childhood beliefs to find the root cause of issues
  • Navigating divorce or separation from a toxic relationship and what to be aware of
  • Rebuilding a sense of worthiness and finding out who you are again
  • Connecting to our spirituality; balancing human and spirit for healing

And so much more!

Danielle Ingenito is a Spiritual Empowerment Coach & Master Healer, and an expert in Healing After Toxic Relationships. She believes that every woman deserves to feel loved, not only by others but by themselves.

She guides women through a journey of self-discovery by healing their childhood, building their confidence, and awakening their self-worth.

Danielle's mission is for every woman to know her worth and never settle for toxic relationships again. She combines the power of energy healing and reprogramming subconscious beliefs to create a powerful transformation in her From Pain to Power Mentorship program.

Danielle is a certified Psychic, Medium, Reiki Master & Life Coach. She uses her knowledge but, most importantly, her experience to help women heal their lives after toxic relationships.

You can find her Facebook group here for Turning Pain into Power  or visit her website at https://www.danielleingenito.com/

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