Embracing Human

Be Courageous in your Career w/ Kate Hutson

June 08, 2021 Taryn Raine Season 3 Episode 21
Embracing Human
Be Courageous in your Career w/ Kate Hutson
Show Notes

Are you ready to stop playing small and accelerate your career growth? 

Toady we have Kate Hutson with us talking all things female empowerment. She gives plenty of practical advice in how to have courage and confidence in the work place and really move forwards. 

She breaks down:

  • Defining your own version of success and how to reverse engineer the road map
  • The play of energy, identity and behaviour in creating the career growth you want
  • The difference between confidence and courage and how we cultivate both
  • Practical confidence building exercises
  • Taking bold action and drawing on the higher version of yourself
  • Practical productivity tips
  • Overwhelm, perfectionism and delegating

and so much more!

Kate Hutson is an Executive Life Coach and the owner of Shattered Glass Coaching. After years of passionate work as a business leader, teacher, coach, and mentor, Kate turned her passion for mentoring others into practical knowledge for the real world-- skills that people can use in their everyday lives to help them gain confidence, develop leadership skills, and achieve their wildest dreams.

After becoming a Certified Life Coach, Kate now coaches women to become courageous leaders in their workplaces and their personal lives. Her work focuses on helping working women gain the courage and leadership skills to take bold action.

Kate excels at career development, workplace communication, leadership, and leading a courageous, joyful life.

You can find her Shattered Glass Coaching or follow her on Instagram at @shattered.glass.coaching.

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