Embracing Human

Courage to Recognize Overwhelm & Ask for Help with Sergeant Judy Holley

October 12, 2021 Taryn Raine Season 4 Episode 1
Embracing Human
Courage to Recognize Overwhelm & Ask for Help with Sergeant Judy Holley
Show Notes

Recognizing you’ve hit your limits and asking for help is something that takes a lot of courage – something Sergeant Judy Holley has in spades!

Judy is a badass mother, drill sergeant, and crafter who is getting vulnerable with us about burnout and self doubt. Trying to keep up and prove herself in the army, she spent years shoving down her feelings, saying “yes” to everything, and never feeling adequate in any of it.

Just over a year ago, she did something brave. At her wit's end and the brink of breakdown when she reached out to me to join my group coaching program. In this call, she shares her story of overcoming personal challenges and the tools she’s gained since that courageous text last year.

 In this episode, Judy shares:

  • Overcoming the “not good enough” thought patterns
  • Being a woman in a male-dominated culture
  • How to release the pattern of people-pleasing
  • Reducing your obligations to feel more freedom

I'm thrilled to invite you to join my powerful program Free to Rebel here! This 8-week group coaching program is for you to fully relax, create time and energy for the things you love, and feel confident enough to say “no” to everything else.

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